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What is a compound light microscope ?

jeudi 17 mars 2016, par Laurent Martorell

This application will explain almost everything you need to know on this must have equipment. The application will take you through a video and a quiz.

Let’s get it started !

Let’s get to know the compound light microscope !

The compound light microscope is a useful tool you are likely to have in your lab. Are you sure to know everything about this Equipment ?
Let’s check it out and test it out with this easy-to-use application. You can download it (link is provided further down the page).

You will also find a guide and the script of the video to guide you further !

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► Télécharger l’application (27.1 Mo) et/ou le guide et/ou le script de la vidéo◄

Zip - 27.1 Mo
Let’s get to know the compound light microscope application
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PDF - 680.7 ko
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Video script
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